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Certified Virtual Assistant
Anne Fifield

Master Virtual Assistant
Anne Fifield
November 29, 2002

Ethics Check Certification
Anne Fifield

Secretarial and Clerical:
Greer's Investigations and Security
Bonier Furniture Mfr.
King Biscuit Time Magazine
Literary Club
Rehab Counselor
Arbonne Consultant
Crickett Books

Data Entry and Management:
Utility Revenue Management Company
King Biscuit Time Magazine
Literary Club
Lorraine & Associates

Office and Project Management:
King Biscuit Time Magazine
Literary Club
Lorraine & Associates

Writing Support:
Pre-law Student

"When you sent me your newsletter/ packet, I was very impressed with the information that it contained. Never did I imagine that I would ask for your services since we live so far apart. My husband, Tim, required an updated resume fast....With the aid of the telephone, fax, and Internet, you created a professional resume in record-breaking time....Rest assured I will use you in the future."
MD, California

"All That's Clerical produces high quality materials in a timely manner and is extremely skilled in all facets of clerical work. They possess a positive attitude and have a sincere desire to assist in whatever way that ensures that the job gets done correctly. All That's Clerical handled my requirements in a professional, competent, and confidential manner."
BR, Rehab Counselor, Texas

"When I opened the package from you, I could hardly believe the work that you had done in transcribing my son's memorial. The many hours you spent on the tape was certainly going the second mile....It is always gratifying to have someone do a competent job on the work for which you have engaged them...even more so to have them be sensitive towards your special needs....It does mean so much to have someone be respectful and caring of a painful situation...."
BH, Retired, Texas

"....Before coming to you, I had applied and submitted resumes at several places in Texas and Arkansas. However, I was never asked to interview...I thought perhaps I needed to consult an expert in the field...I only wish I had come to you sooner...The results were amazing! I got interviews immediately after using your resume and letter...Thank you for helping me get my foot in the door..."
CT, Doctor, Arkansas

"Anne Fifield turned my book manuscript…into a book. The company that is publishing my book asks that the final form of the work submitted to them be a "camera-ready copy." Reaching this pre-publication stage involves following the strict and detailed guidelines that the publisher provides.
Eagerly willing to learn this involved process, Anne tackled this project with enthusiasm and dedication. With her talent, intelligence, and ability to learn quickly she converted my manuscript into the final form that the publisher has accepted…and praised.

Anne's work is conscientious and meticulous, and I am indebted to her for her professional expertise and commitment to high quality in every project she undertakes"
BL, Professor, Texas

"I contacted Anne at her office on April 2002 at 3:30pm...I was desperate for clerical help. ...The bid was due that day by 5:00pm. It was now 3:00pm. Anne was wonderful! She assured me that she would give it the old college try. She did so with 10 minutes to spare! As if that wasn't enough, the format and typing of the bid looked much more professional than what we had been using. From then on, all our clerical work was sent to Anne. I have never once regretted that decision. If you are running an office and need help with your clerical work - All That's Clerical is the only one to use!"
BG, Investigator, Texas

"I wanted to write and tell you what a fantastic job you did for us. I know our project was a very complicated one and we were under such a time crunch, but you came through and were extremely professional and courteous throughout.

Creating a database, labels, and letters for over 2,000 people (from very difficult information sources) seemed like a breeze to you and I just wanted to tell you thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You saved us from weeks of work that I know we would never have been able to produce ourselves."
JW, MD, Texas

"Before using Anne, I was getting approximately 3 interviews from a batch of 50 sent resumes. After Anne re-wrote my resume and tailored it for each company I was interested in, I'm getting at least 3-4 interviews out of every10 resumes sent. On one occasion, the potential employer called me as soon as he received it and said, "Your resume looks so good I MUST see you this afternoon!"
DH, Sales Rep, Texas

"I am Deaf and work as an Arbonne consultant. They provide training via audio cassette tapes. Being Deaf, that is a huge barrier. Anne transcribed a tape for me and she will be doing others in the future. The transcript she provided increased my knowledge of the products we offer and boosted my confidence. I have known Anne for almost 3 years now since she has served as my Sign Language Interpreter on a regular basis. I trust her and depend on her. She is a fantastic friend."
MB, Arbonne Consultant, Texas

"I am a foreign student attending the University of Texas at Dallas. My goal is to be accepted into law school. However, my English writing skills were a detriment to receiving an acceptable GPA to meet the admission guidelines. My advisor explained that the content of my papers was first-rate, but there were glaring grammatical and punctuation errors. He suggested I have my papers proofread and edited by someone with strong English skills.

I tried ten different secretarial services. I never went back twice to any of them and my grades were not improving. Then, I discovered All That's Clerical. They have saved me! I have been using their services for more than a year. I highly recommend them to my fellow students and friends. Thus far, I have made A's on EVERY paper with which they have assisted me. And my GPA has improved significantly!"
AJ, Pre-Law Student, Texas