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If you are interested in obtaining The Résumé Writing Guide, please call or complete the Contact Us form found on this site.

The job market is dynamic. Effective résumé strategies change along with the market. Writing a résumé that achieves results requires skill, experience, and familiarity with current résumé trends and employer expectations. When you obtain the services of a professional résumé writer, you benefit from the latest intelligence concerning the job market and effective résumé presentation.

Unfortunately, in today’s economic climate, hiring a professional résumé writer isn’t always financially feasible. Many job seekers attempt to write résumés on their own, without the market knowledge and résumé writing experience they need to be offered the best position. Many candidates utilize résumé templates or copy the format of résumés they’ve seen – without knowing whether or not these formats are effective, and without knowing what information about their own careers to highlight, and how.

Don’t be caught in this dilemma.

With more than 20 years experience in professional résumé writing, I have developed a way for you to create a dynamic résumé that targets the positions you want, without having to pay professional résumé writing fees. The Résumé Writing Guide is more than a résumé template. This Guide offers concrete advice, shares effective strategies and walks you through the entire résumé writing process.

The Guide contains:

  • Comprehensive worksheets organized by topic.
  • Interactive commentary on points to highlight.
  • Résumé writing tips that make your résumé stand out.
  • Sample résumé letterheads and a completed sample résumé.

This Guide will show you:

  • Exactly what employers want to see from you.
  • The most important sections of your résumé to emphasize.
  • Which of your accomplishments will gain the most attention.
  • The most effective way to phrase your achievements.

Employers are too busy to spend more than a minute or two glancing through your résumé. With the help of this Guide, you’ll be able to get the most important information across effectively. You’ll learn how to capture a prospective employer’s attention quickly. The Résumé Writing Guide is updated regularly to keep pace with trends in the job market.

While obtaining professional résumé writing services is still best, this Guide is an economical way to purchase a Résumé-Writer-In-A-Kit. After you use this Guide to create your résumé, I can edit/proofread your résumé for an additional fee.

If you are interested in obtaining The Résumé Writing Guide, please call or complete the Contact Us form found on this site.

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