All That's Clerical

Certified Virtual Assistant
Anne Fifield

Master Virtual Assistant
Anne Fifield
November 29, 2002

Ethics Check Certification
Anne Fifield

Our Advantages

A few advantages of using All That's Clerical as opposed to hiring staff include:

  • No additional headcount
  • No employment taxes
  • No benefits:
    - vacation, sick, or downtime Pay
    - medical and dental insurance
    - unemployment benefits
    - 401K, retirement, or bonus compensation
    - general human resource services
  • No outlay for expensive equipment or software
  • No costly training expenditures
  • Only pay for the hours worked
  • Don't pay for coffee breaks, lunch time, etc.
  • For an example rate comparison of in-house staff versus Virtual Assistant (VA) services, please click on the PDF link below. Please note that this is only one example. VAs set their own prices and may charge a variety of hourly or project rates based upon your specifications; and not all companies compensate their employees in the same manner.

All That's Clerical would like to acknowledge Anna Baron of The Virtual Link who graciously granted us permission to use her research.
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Comparison Chart of in-house assistance versus VA services